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Our vision is to understand and listen to the pulse of how God's voice is moving in the earth. We want to take the year 2020 to collect 10k dreams and use advanced algorithms and mathematics to collate the data in order to be able to recognize the patterns of God's voice in regions, states, nations, and seasons. 

We want to use these patterns recognized and bring a group of creatives  together to architect a worship canopy of sound, music, and media in order to create a breathtaking and moving immersive worship experience that sonifies every layer of God's creation in a symphonic movement of extravagant worship, and reveals God in a light and expression that has not been seen before. 

We will scale these immersive worship experiences from small venues, to planetariums, to stadiums, and ultimately open fields.


We need you and your voice! Your piece is an integral part of this process. Help us build this 10k Dream Tank! 

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