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Fiorella Giordano - Founder and Visionary

Fiorella Giordano is a Visionary, Futurist, Infiniteer , Innovative Thought Leader, and Spiritual and Cultural Architect who is marked to terraform the eternal continuum into creation. 

She is also a Mystic, Speaker, Consultant, and Creative, who desires to see every imposed limit set by oppressive systems surpassed in the power of the dream of God, manifesting  itself through a multiverse expression of power, wonder, and possibility centered and rooted in Christ.

Her goal is to reveal God's infinite vastness, and draw others into the discovery of the unimaginable fathoming of His heart and mind, in order to empower them to pioneer and create His magnificent dream with their God given purpose.

Chris Purifoy- Chief Technology Officer

Chris Purifoy is the Cofounder of Learning Economy, a protocol designed to measurably solve the skills gap, and the CEO of WeLibrary, a platform aimed at reenergizing healthy civic discourse and pioneering Social Library algorithms that favor good ideas and critical thinking over sensationalism. 


He is a delegate for the UN’s Blockchain for Impact and the U.S. Department of Education’s Blockchain Action Network. Chris is a digital architect, serial entrepreneur, author, and futurist. He speaks in global forums about AI, blockchain, and the future of education and work. Chris loves simplifying really complex, difficult problems and building strong tribes.


Over the last decade Chris built several startups from the ground up and led tech collaborations and contracts in government, global policy, non-profit, education, and entertainment. He also led information divisions as a C level operator for a UN circuit think tank, the Global Action Platform, and the Diplomatic Courier, a global policy & publishing leader. He sits on various councils including: Facebook’s AI SDG Council, the Music Education Policy Roundtable, TEDxNashville, and TEDxVeniceBeach among others.


Chris is also Sr. Editor for the Diplomatic Courier, with articles published on the future of education, Blockchain, SDG collaboration, and new data models in G7, G20, etc.

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